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Product Overview

Manufactured by Pilot RC. All Pilot RC airplane designs are flight tested by ruff pilots. Pilot RC only produces a design after it has been proven that the design is TOUGH and a great flying airplane. Pilot RC will be specializing in giant scale planes. Carbon Fiber parts like spinners, landing gear, wing tubes, and tail wheel assemblies are standard on most planes. The aerobatic planes feature laser cut balsa and plywood construction with fiberglass cowl, hatch and wheel pants. Covering is Ultracote(Oracover) from Germany. Complete hardware sets include pushrods, control horns, servo arms and tires.


  • Strong Light Weight Construction 
  • Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
  • Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany 
  • Fuselage is set up for canister installation 
  • Cowl with cowl ring. No exterior screws exposed 
  • Complete hardware included 
  • Removable wings and stabs 
  • Removable rudder 
  • All control horns included 
  • Aluminium hub tires included 
  • Laser cut engine mounting templates


High Pre-installation:

  • Pre hinged wings and stabs 
  • Pre hinged Fin and Rudder 
  • Pre installed fuel tank 
  • Pre installed firewall 
  • Pre mounted and painted Canopy 
  • Pre drilled servo control horns with beautiful translucency color 
  • Pre installpull pull wire with ball links on rudder 
  • Pre install push rods with Ball links


Carbon Fiber accessories version:

  • Carbon Fiber wing tube include 
  • Carbon Fiber tail wing tube include 
  • Carbon Fiber landing gear include 
  • Carbon Fiber tail wheel include 
  • Carbon Fiber spinner include


  • Wingspan: 107 in(2.7M)
  • Wing Area: 2156 sq in(13910sq cm)
  • Fuselage length: 101 in(2.58M)
  • Weight: 27.8 lbs (12.6kg)
  • Engine: 100-120cc
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