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Product Overview

The Spektrum AR12120 is a 12-channel DSMX® PowerSafe™ receiver that gives you the option of adding extra channels simply by plugging a Spektrum X-Plus8 channel expander into its SRXL port. This makes it ideal for scale modelers who like to push realism to the extreme with working accessories and lights, in addition to regular control functions - all in one small packages.

The PowerSafe battery system of the AR12120 incorporates redundant, dual-battery leads for use with battery systems up to 10 volts. Besides the ability to supply all the power your aircraft demands, the AR12120 also includes four small, remote receivers that let you take advantage of patented DualLink technology that ensure a comprehensive safety network on multiple levels.


  • 12-channel DSMX® PowerSafe™ reciever
  • True dual battery redundancy - each battery is isolated and if one fails/shorts the other takes over
  • Utilizes up to four remote receivers for the ultimate RF link in even the most demanding applications
  • Up to 35 amps continuous and 50 amps peak current handling capability
  • Fail-on soft switch in case the switch is damaged
  • Two types of failsafe - SmartSafe™ (throttle only) and preset failsafe (all servos)
  • QuickConnect™—if a power interruption (brownout) occurs, the system reconnects in less than 1/2 second


  • Flight Log compatible
  • Heavy 16 AWG dual battery leads with pre-wired E-flite® EC3™ connectors
  • Compatible with all Spektrum™ and JR® full-range DSM2® and DSMX® radio systems
  • 2048 resolution
  • X Plus™ compatible
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Modulation: DSMX, DSM2
  • Antenna Length: 31mm
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Flight Log Compatible: Yes
  • Model Type: Airplane
  • Range: Full
  • Telemetry: Yes
  • Voltage Range: 6-10V
  • XPlus Compatible: Yes
  • Resolution: 2048
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