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Product Overview

An improperly balanced model-at best-won't be able to fulfill its true performance potential. At worst, it could crash and be destroyed. Why take the risk? Great Planes' inexpensive, easy-to-use CG Machine is the only tool that finds the exact balance without guesswork...and it can be used with virtually ANY fixed-wing aircraft.

Great Planes has recognized this problem, and with their C.G. Machine, you can now accurately and easily balance your model according to the manufacturer's recommendations. You can also make precise changes to the CG location to alter your model's flight characteristics to match your skills and preferences.


  • Accurately balances your plane and set the center of gravity for maximum flight performance
  • Works for all types of airplanes that weight between 2 - 40lbs (0.91 - 18.144kg) flying weight Level vial for accuracy


  • Two Base black plastic (NYLON141)
  • Two Socket caps black plastic (NYLON138)
  • Two Rule holder black plastic (NYLON139)
  • Two Rule end cap black plastic (NYLON140)
  • One Level vial (LEVEL01)
  • One 1/2" x 3" clear plastic strip (LEVEL02)
  • Two Leading edge pointers (.074" x 2 1/2" wire) (WBNT262)
  • Two 2-56 threaded ball stud (SCRW072)
  • One 1"x1" double sided tape (FTAP001)
  • Two 1" self-stick round foam pad (FOAM002)
  • Two #4 x 3/8" sheet metal screw (SCRW043)
  • One Rule set (left and right, clear plastic NYLON142)
  • Two 1/4" x 16" upright metal rod (ROD003)
  • Two 3/16" x12" base metal rod (WIRES07)
  • One C.G. Machine sticker (STKER46)
  • One instructions (BALP01)


  • Medium or thick CA glue
  • Hobby knife P
  • hillips screwdriver
  • Small metal file T
  • Threadlocking compound, 600 & 220
  • Grit sandpaper S
  • mall 90 degree triangle
  • Tissue or paper towel 
  • Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner
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