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Product Overview

This is the Glow Powered, Radio Controlled, Almost Ready to Fly. Great Planes Dirty Birdy .60 Sport Pattern Airplane. The updated Great Planes Dirty Birdy combines the original Joe Bridi design's precision performance with ARF simplicity. Its painted fiberglass fuselage includes a removable, painted fiberglass cowl. Bays are built into the wing for optional retracts, but are covered to preserve the model's looks if you install the included fixed landing gear.

This is the Great Planes Dirty Birdy .60 Sport/Pattern ARF Airplane. The infamous Joe Bridi design that became a popular Great Planes kit is now a .60-size ARF! The new ARF version combines precision performance with ARF simplicity, easy sport flying and nostalgic pattern looks.



  • Painted fiberglass fuselage, balsa sheeted wing and horizontal stabilizer
  • One-piece wing with built-in wells for optional pneumatic or mechanical retracts-wells are covered to preserve appearance if included fixed landing gear is used
  • Dual servo aileron control
  • Two-piece composite engine mount
  • 8.8oz (260cc) Fuel tank
  • Painted fiberglass cowl
  • White plastic spinner, 2.25" (56mm) diameter
  • Fixed wire landing gear, 0.16" (4mm) diameter
  • Foam wheels, 2.25" (56mm) diameter



  • Wingspan: 64.5 in (1640 mm)
  • Wing Area: 690 in² (44.5 dm²)
  • Weight: 7.5-8.5 lb (3400-3850 g)
  • Wing Loading: 25-28 oz/ft² (76-85 g/dm²)
  • Length: 56 in (1420 mm)
  • Airfoil: Fully symmetrical
  • Center of Gravity (CG): 5-13/16" (148mm) back from leading edge of
  • wing measured at the fuselage



Control Throws
Low Rate:

  • Ailerons: 9/32" (7mm) 12 degrees
  • Elevator: 5/16" (8mm) 7 degrees
  • Rudder: 1-3/8" (35mm) 20 degrees

High Rate:

  • Ailerons: 7/16" (11mm) 19 degrees
  • Elevator: 1/2" (13mm) 11 degrees
  • Rudder: 1-7/8" (48mm) 28 degrees
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