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EDF JET J10 (Gray PNP) | TD-112


Product Overview

J10 Gray EDF Jet.


  • Impeller of ducted fan reverse running break (One Aux Ch requried)
  • Internal mixing control circuit for Canards control (No extra Aux Ch required. It is suitable for 5 CH radio system)
  • Dual feature of Air break control circuit. This is for the canards which use of 7CH or above radio. (two Aux CH is required) . One purpose is to stop mixing of canards with elevator and aileron, the servo of canards will goes to center, hole it work with elevator and aileron. The other purpose is for air break when landing.If the radio is no extra aux ch remained, you can choose to use one of this feature only, and stop mixing or air break.
  • Retract with CNC full metal scale look wheel struts with ball bearing
  • Full sequence control of landing gear door.gear door open -- gear down --- gear door close; Gear door open --- Gear up --- Gear door close.


  • Hobbywing 120 HV ESC ( Maximum voltage 8S / 30V, need to change motor if running with 8S)
  • Navigation LED light as real plane
  • Sentistive control for canards. as long as you connect the circuit board to the Aux Ch but it must required use the potentiometer knob of the radio if any.
  • One piece cockpit
  • Convenience plug for all control surface (male and feamale plug comes with the fuselage and wing, once you connect the wing to the fuselage, it was connected)


  • Wingspan:956mm
  • Length:1580mm
  • Flying weight:3800g
  • Ducted fan:105mm 12blade
  • Motor:4253 KV1200
  • Servo:12G*9pcs 40G*1pc
  • ESC:HobbyWing 120A -HV with 8A UBEC
  • Battery:6S or 8S 4000mah-6000mah
  • Landing gear: Retract metal system
  • With a pair of all moving canard
  • Carton size:1438x397x308 mm 1pc/carton


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