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GOBLIN 380 Red/Black (w/ main and tail blade) | SG380


Product Overview

The Goblin 380 provides incredible performance, reliability and simplicity with the unique and innovative Goblin look you are accustomed to!


  • Goblin Concept design.
  • Single stage transmission;
  • Heat tolerant primary drive belt;
  • Motor Belt Gates GT3 9 mm.
  • HPS (High Precision Head System);
  • 8mm high strength steel main shaft;
  • 5mm high strength steel spindle shaft;
  • New head with 2-piece blade grip preserves grips in the event of a crash.
  • Direct and geometrically correct servo placement
  • Aluminum Motor mount.
  • Plenty of room for electronic components.
  • Very clean Cabling.
  • Quick release battery tray system
  • Big battery compartment;
  • wide selection of batteries with different capacities 6S 1500/2600 mAh.
  • Carbon fiber boom for very lightweight.
  • Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash.
  • Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance;
  • Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness.
  • 5mm high strength Tail shaft
  • Carbon fiber tail push rod hidden inside the boom for an aesthetically pleasing, unique design.
  • Landing gear Goblin Speed style.

General Specification

  • Main rotor diameter: 856 mm 
  • Main blade length: 380mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 196 mm
  • Tail blade length: 70 mm
  • Main shaft diameter: 8 mm
  • Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Weight including electronics: 1075 g (excluding batteries).

Kit Includes:

  • 21T motor pulley (other motor pulleys available)
  • BL 380 3D mm main blades
  • 70 mm tail blades
  • 2 Battery tray with straps and double tape

Electronic Specifications

  • Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23mm
  • General and 3D flight: MKS DS92A+, Savox SH-0255MG
  • General and Extreme flight: BK 3001HV, SAVOX SV-1232MG, MKS HV93, MKS DS95
  • Tail Servo: Mini size 35 mm
  • General and 3D flight: Savox SH-1257MG, Futaba S9257
  • General and Extreme flight: BK 5005HV, MKS HV9780
  • Typical speed controller:
  • General and 3D flight: Kontronik Koby 70, YGE 60 LV, CC Lite 75
  • General and Extreme flight: Kontronik Koby 90 - Jive 80LV , YGE 90 LV, CC Lite 100
  • Maximum motor size: 41 mm diameter, 41 mm height
  • General and 3D flight: X-Nova 2820-890, Scorpion HK 3014-900, Quantum 2820-880
  • General and Extreme flight: 
  • Kontronik Pyro 380-9, X-Nova 3215-930, 
  • Scorpion HK 3020-1000, KDE 500XF-950.
  • Battery compartment: 44x44x130mm
  • 6S 1500/2600 mAh. For perfect 3D flight 6S-1800 mAh
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