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Product Overview

Evil has come out to play, and the SAB Goblin is ready to take flight, bringing an unworldly level of 3D power that simply cannot be matched. The Goblin 630 has arrived. Utilizing patent pending ingenuity, the SAB Goblin 630 takes performance to frightening heights by utilizing a state of the art dual belt drive power system, allowing massive brushless power to be directed to the main rotor without fear of failure so commonly seen with 600 sized electric helicopters today.

By utilizing a dual stage belt drive system, the Goblin 630 transfers this power to a helical output gear, which in turn drives the main rotor system and driven tail rotor system. By laying the servos horizontally, instead of installing them as a vertical unit, the CG is optimally lowered, allowing the Goblin to take great advantage of stellar 3D performance. Lower CG (Center of Gravity) directly equates to precision maneuvers throughout the entire realm of flight, allowing the SAB Goblin 630 to perform like no other helicopter flying today.


  • Modular Power System – Simple, Elegant, Beautiful
  • Dual Belt Driven Performance – Simple, Robust, Light Weight
  • 12S 44.4V Power – The Goblin is Ready
  • Light Weight Build – Power that can be Used Like No Other
  • CNC Aluminum Flybarless Main Rotor System – Nothing but the Best
  • Aerodynamic Boom Shroud – Form & Function in One Beautiful Package
  • SAB Rotor Blades – Simply the Best
  • Patented Carbon Fiber Tail Boom – Strong, Light & Vibration Free
  • Brutalized by the Best – Tareq Alsaadi & Bert Kamerre


  • Main rotor diameter: 1428mm (with 630mm blades)
  • Main blade length: 600 to 630mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 278mm
  • Tail blade length: 105mm
  • Main shaft diameter 12mm
  • Tail shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Spindle diameter: 10mm
  • Weight including electronics 3220g (excluding batteries).
  • Maximum motor size: 64mm diameter, maximum height 64mm
  • Battery compartment: 60x58x350mm (adaptable to 64x58x350mm)
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