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Product Overview

The new, elegant and extravagant design emphasizes this console transmitter into a new dimension. Sometimes it may just be a little more for quality and quality workmanship! With numerous innovative and trend-setting features in the 2.4 GHz transmission technology PROFESSIONAL TX M-Link.


  • For panel, hand pads or shoulder operation
  • Rotating stick units
  • Lateral comfortably achievable Prop encoder and optional switches
  • Optimally positioned digital trimmer provides the clear and intuitive menu structure:
  • Programs for powered flight , glider, jet and helicopter models
  • Quick Start
  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Up to 200 model memory •
  • Managing and protecting unlimited number of model memory data to PC
  • Up to 16 servo channels fully proportional
  • Free servo channel assignment
  • Encoder and switch assignments 100% individually configurable
  • Flexible mixer structure: 5 mixers per model often used, 7 Mischa parts per mixer curve mixers
  • 7-point pitch and throttle curve for helicopters
  • 3 stopwatches display of remaining charge (mAh): 
  • Transmitter battery management and remaining time (hh: mm)
  • Innovative flexible printed circuit board system with fewer connectors for greater security
  • Wireless teacher / student system with single handover of control functions
  • Display telemetry values ​​up to 16

Technical Data

  • Foldable large 5.8 "LCD monitor for optimal readability
  • Earphone Jack
  • Lit "warning bar"
  • Digital trims, flight phase
  • Vibrate
  • Operating time up to 25 hours (LiFe transmitter battery)
  • Direct-access menu keys
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • USB port (model data transfer, firmware updates, built-in charger)
  • Completely free installation of controls (optional switches, buttons, encoders)
  • Lateral sliders and switches to operate optimally
  • 2 prop slider + 2 flags
  • Programming via 3D wheel (press to turn)


  • Compatible servos
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