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Product Overview

The Cascadia Evolution is an aerodynamically advanced and more fuel efficient version of the Cascadia tractor manufactured by Freightliner Trucks, a leading manufacture in the North American market. This R/C model assembly kit of the Cascadia Evolution faithfully recreates the truck's fuel efficient form and includes a number of metal chassis parts. The highly aerodynamic form of the Cascadia Evolution was accurately captured thanks to extensive research and cooperation from Freightliner/Daimler. The model also features accurate interior details such as dashboard and seats. Gloss and matte finished metal-plated parts further heighten the model's realism.


  • The RC model is capable of 3-speed gear changes via a 4-channel transmitter control system.
  • The ladder frame chassis features aluminum side channels with resin cross members, and are equipped with a coupler to enable linkage with any of Tamiya’s semi-trailers.
  • Power from the front-mounted motor is delivered to the rear wheels via propeller shafts.
  • Built-in differential gears enable smooth cornering.
  • The highly-realistic suspension utilizes metal leaf springs and friction dampers.
  • The model exhibits easy driving thanks to the float-mounted die-cast front axle and reinforced rear axle.
  • LED’s can be used to accurately recreate the trucks front & rear lights.
  • A wide variety of Tractor Truck Option Parts are available for you to further customize your individual machine.
  • Tamiya Attack 4YWD 2.4GHz radio system sold separately and recommended for full functionality when using the optional Multi-Function Unit.


  • Scale:1/14
  • Length: 648mm
  • Width: 195mm
  • Height: 308mm
  • Construction Type: Assembly Kit
  • Terrain Use: On-road
  • Drive-train: 4-Axle Semi
  • Drive Type: Gear Box
  • Drive Line: Dog Bone
  • Differential Type: Gear
  • Suspension: Leaf Spring
  • Steering Mechanism: Bell-crank
  • Shock Damper: Friction Damper
  • Shock Damper Material: Aluminum
  • Tire Type: Rubber
  • Tire Tread: Radial
  • Body Material: ABS Plastic
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum & Plastic
  • Motor: 540 Brushed Type
  • Bearings: Metal Bearings
  • Adjustable Gear Ratio: 3 Speed Transmission


  • 4 Channel Radio Gear System
  • 7.2 Battery & Charger
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Battery Pack
  • TS Spray Plastic Model Paint
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • Glue
  • Tools


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