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Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulators for 5-7,4V output voltage. Therefore, ideally already for the new generation of "HV" servos. As a 2S Lipo battery supply voltage (input voltage 6-10V) is recommended. Sufficiently with 50W (8A) power is available to power for powerful servos. The new safety switch is designed elegantly and allows for maximum reliability. Fly with more confidence with the VR-8LG voltage regulator from Dualsky; applicable in a large variety of RC planes.

Optimise the performance of your RC plane with the VR-8LG voltage regulator from Dualsky. This direct-direct linear regulator offers many beneficial features, including a built-in battery status LED. The VR-8LG can also convert the input voltage to a safe output voltage; conforming to the demands of your electrical equipment. This regulator also offers low voltage difference, a large output electrical current and consistent voltage. High voltage equipment can also be supported by this Dualsky regulator. An input voltage indicator is also available and the regulator is designed to minimise electromagnetic radiation. The VR-8LG is applicable in a wide variety of model aircraft and its new pin failsafe switch can also be used in large model planes (such as gasoline planes). 


  • Built-in battery status LED
  • Able to convert input voltage to safe output voltage
  • Low voltage difference
  • Large output electrical current
  • Consistent voltage
  • Able to support high voltage equipment
  • Input voltage indicator included
  • Designed to minimise electromagnetic radiation
  • Applicable in wide variety of RC planes
  • Pin failsafe switch makes giant-scale applications easier


  • Input voltage: 6-10V DC 
  • Output voltage: 5-7.4V DC, adustable up to 50 watts 
  • Output current: DC 0-8A 
  • Weight (with wires): 2.27 oz (65g, cables included) 
  • Length: 2.5" (64mm) 
  • Height: 1.4" (35mm) 
  • Width: 0.6" (15mm)
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