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U-CAN-DO 3D .46 ARF | GPMA1269


Product Overview

Great Planes has recently released the U-CAN-DO 3D .46 (UCD 46) a smaller version of the very popular original, U-CAN-DO 3D .60 (UCD 60). The U-CAN-Do's were specifically designed with the novice 3D pilot in mind. And yet, if you are a sport flier, don't let the "3D" connotation lead you to conclude that these planes are solely suited for the hair-raising, death defying, maniacal machinations you might associate with 3D flying. These planes can be as wild or mild as you please. Some of the finest flying planes produced today are designed for the "Artistic Aerobatic" events which are becoming popular these days. In essence, these planes are 2-meter FAI pattern ships matched with large control surfaces for "Freestyle" maneuvers. 

The U-CAN-DO's combine light-weight construction, a constant chord wing, a thick symmetrical airfoil, large control surfaces and a long tail moment. The wing design and light weight allows the plane to fly very slowly, the large control surfaces are effective at slow speed, and the long tail moment provides extra stability and tracking. 


  • Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D .46 ARF GPMA1269
  • Construction: Balsa and plywood.
  • Wings: One-piece all wood, attaches to fuselage with two �-20 nylon wing bolts (included). Fully symmetrical, mid-wing placement.
  • Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote. Color scheme is White with swirls of Red, Dark Blue, and Yellow on the tail and wing sections. Bottom of wing is large Blue and White checkerboard pattern.
  • Cowling: Pre-painted White fiberglass-reinforced cowl and wheel pants
  • Canopy: Single, clear plastic.
  • Landing Gear: .12" (3mm) thick pre-formed aluminum.
  • Dual Aileron Servos: Standard size with at least 50 oz-in torque.
  • Building Time: Ready to fly in as little as six to eight hours.



  • Wingspan: 56.75 Inches
  • Wing Chord: 16 Inches
  • Total Wing Area: 904 Sq. In.
  • Fuselage Length: 58.5 Inches
  • Stabilizer Span: 22.5 Inches
  • Total Stab Area: 132 Sq. In.
  • Mfg. Rec. Engine: .32-.50 2-stroke; .52-.70 4-stroke
  • Rec. Fuel Tank Size: 8 Oz.
  • Rec. No. of Channels: 4 (6+ Ch. recommended)
  • Rec. Control Functions: Rud., Elev., Throt., Ail.
  • Basic Materials Used In Construction: Fuselage: Balsa, Ply & Lite Ply
  • Wing: Balsa & Hardwood
  • Tail Surfaces: Balsa
  • Building Instructions on Plan Sheets: No
  • Instruction Manual: Yes (27 pages)
  • Const. Photos: Yes




  • Radio Used: Futaba 8 Ch., 6 Servos
  • Engine Used: O.S. FS-70 II
  • Fuel Tank Used: 8 Oz.
  • Weight, Ready to Fly: 97 Oz. (6 Lbs. 1 Oz.)
  • Wing Loading: 15.5 Oz./Sq. Ft.
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