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Product Overview

While other large channel systems only offer 10 or less “non-shared” channels and achieve the additional channels through “sharing” (splitting update rates between channels to expand) or expansion, JR’s XG14 is a true “non-shared”, full 14 channel system. In addition, thanks to JR’s creative programming and DMSS sophistication, the XG14’s 14 channels can be accessed through the use of 2 JR RG731BX X Buss receivers, creating not only true 14 channel access, but a redundant airborne system as well. Based on our Premium Gimbals found only in the Flagship 12X Professional systems, our new CNC Machined Premium Aluminum Gimbal Base provides the ultimate in precision feel, with no flexing during quick and full stick extremes as found with standard plastic gimbals. JR’s new Premium Gimbals with CNC Base will truly have you “feeling the difference”.


  • Large, backlit screen
  • Premium Grade gimbals with CNC machined aluminum bases
  • Li-Fe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
  • Lightweight (820 g) transmitter design
  • Telemetry with receiver voltage sensor built in
  • SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates (SD card required)
  • Dual trim options
  • New soft switch covers for improved feel and control


  • 30-model internal memory
  • True, non shared 14 Channel access
  • Integrated charging circuit
  • Easily adapts to stick modes 1–4
  • Optional telemetry sensors available
  • Data entry via scroll bar and four push-button keys
  • User-selected menu for frequently used functions
  • Programmable throttle cut


  • Airplane, helicopter and glider program options
  • 9V AC/DC adapter supplied with automatic shutdown
  • User-assigned switch function
  • Stick tension and spring adjustment
  • Touch Select System for switch selection
  • 8-channel failsafe
  • Two independent programmable timers
  • Dual side slide-lever controls
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