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On Sales



Don't you know what to buy?

Don't Worry trained Sales Executives are always ready to provide/offer necessary services to address the needs and wants of the customers. We offer quality products at a reasonable price to all our valued customers that would ensure that they enjoy their hobby to full extent. We are bringing top of the line products from all over the world and are leading brands in this world of hobby.



On Workshop


Did your RC product break? Do you want to innovate using R/C related products ?

Don't worry our workshop is manned by highly trained, and friendly R/C Technicians that can handle the repair and assembling of RC products such as cars, planes, helicopters, boats and Jets. Technical assistance will be provided to all our valued customers who own electric powered, gas powered as well as turbine powered models. Also, proper set-up/tuning of sold products will be done before delivering the model to the customers. So, this would ensure that the product is perfectly working as to its function. If the products bought from us encounter some trouble then we will do the necessary repair if we can. However if we were not able to do the repair/service, we will report the matter to concerned factory for them to evaluate. In this case once they will advice that the products will be sent back to them for check and repair then we will do so.

Furthermore our experienced Technicians are always ready to help students & hobbyists to the best in addressing their creative & challenging requirements. We do help Students & hobbyists in their projects that are related to RC products by supporting them with the right product, and guiding them till the finishing point of their projects.



On Training


Don't you know how to fly your RC Helicopter or Airplane?

Don't Worry, as part of our extra services, we offer training (first flight only) to those who are beginners in this hobby especially on the airplanes and helicopters (for products bought from us). We have the qualified pilots for RC model airplanes and helicopters who can share their expertise and knowledge on RC flying. Training will be done on the flying field or in a safe area designated for flying remote control airplanes and helicopters. Trainee has full obligation in cases where something will happen (loss/damage) on the products during the first flight training period. In addition we recommend that all our customers practice on the best simulation software in the market (Great Planes Real Flight Simulator) in advance. It helps you learn to fly safely without risking your new RC plane or helicopter.



On Painting


Don't you like the design on your RC Product?

Don't worry; we are proud of our painting services, which address lots of our customers' tailored needs. Talented, dedicated, trained personnel are working in the painting section. Furthermore, what makes our painting section popular is that it is specialized for RC products were Timing, accuracy, pricing are very important. We categorized the job from simple, complicated to highly complicated jobs. We have successfully completed custom/specific painting work for canopies, scale bodies (helicopter, jet), car bodies, boat etc. In addition, we are able to do other painting jobs which are not related to RC hobbies such as helmets bikes, and other related products & accessories.



Discount Section:


Do you think that the prices are too high?

Don't worry; we have dedicated a special area for selected items that have been re-priced. This area contains a variety of items that a hobbyist might find useful. In addition, Beginners who wish to spend less would find this area attractive.



Spare Parts:


Didn't you find your RC Spare parts?

Don't worry; spare parts for the models are very important. We usually have most of the required spare parts for the products we sell. In addition, if you bought the model years back but you are not able to use it now because parts are damaged or loosed. Don't worry again; we might be able to help you. We got a big store with new and old spare parts. Please send us an inquiry with the part number, and we will try our best to arrange it for you.













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