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ESC 80A 2-6S FOR PLANE & HELI | 45209


Product Overview

Dualsky brushless ESC's are a trusted name in the RC industry. This current lineup includes better electronics and more precise control. All ESC's now include pre-soldered connections on both ends.

If you need a high-quality ESC, Dualsky's XC8018BA is hard to beat and is ideal for your .50-class aerobatic RC models.

These small ESC's are perfect for indoor foamies and other weight sensitive projects. Don't let the small size fool you, these ESC's are of the best quality. These ESC's come with 3.0mm gold conenctors attached on the motor end and Dualsky JST Connectors on the batery end.



  • Comes with the latest software and hardware
  • Compatible with motor types up to 210,000rpm (2 poles motors)
  • Low resistance
  • Quality MosFETs included for high current usage
  • Compatible with Dualsky's Governor Mode (DGM)
  • Modifiable cut-off for motor stop or power reduction
  • Dualsky's Linear Brake Mode allows you to adjust the brake strength
  • Cut-off setting available for instances of low voltage
  • Overheating protection
  • Automatic cut-off in the event of a signal loss
  • Numerous start-up modes for fixed wing and helicopter setups
  • Throttle control throughout the range is smooth and reliable


  • Dimensions: 75x 30x 14mm(L x W x D) 
  • Weight: 71g 
  • Number of Cell: NiXX 6-18, 7.2-21.6V LiPo 2-6, 7.4-22.2V 
  • Resistance(Ri)(Ohm): 0.0016 
  • Max Cont. Current & Max Cont.Output: 80A, 1680W 
  • Max Burst Current & Max Burst Output: 100A, 2040W 
  • BEC / Dissipative Power: 5.5V/3A (Swiching) 
  • Programmable: Throttle + ProgCARD V2 
  • Input Wires: 150mm, 12AWG, DC3 
  • Output Wires: 90mm, 14AWG, DB4 
  • Signal Wire: 300MM JR
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