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MultiGov Pro


Product Overview

MultiGov Pro is an advanced multifunction RC helicopter governor. MultiGov Pro keeps your RC helicopter rotor speed constant by monitoring the helicopter motor speed and automatically adjusting your model's throttle servo. It can run in either a standard smooth flight mode or aggressive 3D mode. You can even switch between the two modes on the fly in flight! In addition, MultiGov Pro has built-in support for automatic control of a mixture servo by monitoring the motor's cylinder head temperature. Mixture control is not required for governor operation. Configuring MultiGov Pro is a snap with our detachable backlit LCD configuration module. Just plug it in, configure, and unplug it when you are done. If you have multiple helicopters and already have the LCD configuration module, you can buy just the MultiGov Pro unit without the LCD to save on costs.


  • Maximizes your RC helicopter's power and response by providing a constant rotor speed
  • Switch between standard or 3D flight modes on the fly
  • Optionally set the 3D mode to be a RPM limiter
  • No optical tachometers/calculations needed for setup
  • Only one LCD configuration module is needed for any number of MultiGov Pro units


  • Three individual remotely selectable speed settings that cover a wide range of rotor speeds and gear ratios
  • Intelligent algorithm provides excellent hovering and hardcore 3-D performance
  • Built-in support for automatic mixture control (requires temperature sensor and mixture servo hardware)
  • Detachable backlit LCD configuration module makes setup fast and easy


  • Advanced configuration options allow fine-tuning of performance
  • Supports adjustable slow startup
  • Works with Futaba, JR, Spektrum, and compatible receivers
  • Software can be upgraded for future enhancements
  • Designed and developed in the USA
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