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TUCANO SCALE 1:7 ARF .46-.55 | PH042


Product Overview

Tucano aircraft is one of the most famous of Brazilian. The Military government considered aircraft strategic equipment, and in an effort to reduce dependency from foreign companies, the state-owned Embraer was established in 1969. A production license to assemble the MB.326 was acquired in 1970 to familiarize the company with military design, and in 1973 the EMB-110 was introduced with a twin Pratt & Whitney PT6A engine that later would be shared with the Tucano.

A great airplane! Its semi symmetrical airfoil and long tail moment deliver precise aerobatic performance for experienced pilots, yet the Tucano's superb stability and ultralight wing loading make it an ideal first low–wing model. This ARF has been designed to keep building time to a minimum; it's 90% pre-built, with premium covering. The better you get the more fun it gives you!


  • Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight
  • Covered in genuine ORACOVER®
  • Scale plastic rocket included
  • Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field
  • Removable canopy for easy change lipo battery and set up radio
  • Strong Light Weight Construction
  • Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline
  • High-quality hardware package included

Technical Data

  • Wingspan: 1578mm (62.1in)
  • Length: 1359mm (53.5 in)
  • Flying weight: 2.9-3.2 kg
  • Wing area: 39.4 dm2
  • Wing loading: 80g/dm2
  • Wing type: Naca airfoils
  • Covering type: Genuine ORACOVER®
  • Gear type: Wire main gear and CNC Suspension Metal Struts nose gear (included)
  • Spinner size: Plastic 58mm (included)
  • Radio: 4 channel minimum (not included)

Technical Data

  • Servo: 5 standard servo: 2 aileron; 1 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle (not included)
  • Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 800-1200mAh NiMH (not included)
  • Servo mount: 21mm x 42 mm
  • Propeller: suit with your engine
  • Engine: .46-.55 / 2-stroke or .52/4-stroke glow engine (not included)
  • Motor: brushless outrunner 1000-1400 W, 480 KV (not included)
  • Experience level: Intermediate
  • Plane type: Scale Military
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